Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are quoted in Singapore currency (“SGD”) nett and inclusive of delivery charges.
  • We reserve all rights to our designs. Please do not distribute, modify, reproduce in whole or in part without our permission. Thank you for respecting our works 🙂
  • As we customise each order by hand, actual product may vary from sample picture/design. Please allow us discretion for some minor variations as respect to the original baker’s works and also, to make your cake special and exclusive for your event.
  • Fresh fruits are seasonal and sweetness cannot be guaranteed.

Cakes & Cupcakes

  • A lead time of at least 2 weeks prior to event date is recommended. For orders with lead time less than 1 week, please do check with us on the availability.

Dessert Table

  • A lead time of at least 2 months prior to event date is recommended. For orders with lead time less than 2 months, please do check with us on the availability.

  • We do each and every order individually so that it is customised and delivered fresh to your event. As such, we require full payment to confirm and to begin working on your order.
  • Confirmation of orders and delivery slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If payment is not received within an appropriate time frame or without sufficient time for us to process the order, we seek your understanding that no reservations will be made.
  • We apologise we may not be able to take in your order in the event that our slots are full. Please secure your order early especially if it falls on a weekend/public holiday.
  • Please inform us immediately if there are any discrepancies in your order details.
  • Please inform us in advance if you require additional copy of the invoice on delivery.
  • No changes will be allowed 2 weeks prior to event. Changes may be subjected to additional cost depending on the change that is needed.
  • In the case of a cancellation with a notice period of at least 2 weeks prior to event date, 50% of the payment will be non-refundable. 100% will be non-refundable for any cancellation with less than 2 weeks’ notice, or if we have started on the order.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of fondant to humidity and temperature, please keep fondant cakes under aircon (please ensure the room temperature is cool enough) at all times and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Alternatively, please arrange to have the cake delivered near to cake cutting/photography time. We do not hold any responsibilities to the cake not being stored properly after delivery.
  • For fondant cakes which are stored in fridge prior to serving, please leave it under air con around 1 hour prior to serving time, for the condensation on the fondant to dry. The cold temperature in the fridge may also cause the cake base to be too hard for cutting if you serve it immediately.
  • As fondant is a form of sugar-based dough, it will be inevitably sweet. It is recommended to remove the fondant covering and fondant toppers (if any) before serving to your guests, especially for those who do not have sweet-tooth.

Please keep the cake refrigerated until ready for consumption.

  • We do not offer self-collection as there were instances that customers were not able to handle the cake properly after collection and en route to the event venue. 
  • Due to unpredictable traffic and weather conditions, delivery timing is set to be in 1-hour range.
  • Deliveries are from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm daily (in 1-hour range).
  • Confirmation of delivery slots is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Admission and parking charges may apply for deliveries to Sentosa and hotels. We do not deliver to Jurong Island.