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Serving size

500g (Serves 4-6 pax), 1 kg (Serves 6-12 pax), 1.5 kg (Serves 12-18 pax), 2 kg (Serves 18 to 24 pax), 2.5 kg (Serves 24 to 30 pax), 3 kg (Serves 30 to 36 pax), 12 pieces (cupcakes only), 18 pieces (cupcakes only), 24 pieces (cupcakes only), 30 pieces (cupcakes only)

Cake Base

Double Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Strawberry Cream, Vanilla Orange Cream, Vanilla Rainbow Cream, Vanilla Chocolate Fudge (Hot Favourite!!!), Chocolate Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Orange Cream, Chocolate Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Chocolate Fudge (Hot Favourite!!!), Strawberry Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Chocolate Cream, Double Strawberry Cream, Banana Vanilla Cream, Banana Caramel Cream, Banana Chocolate Fudge, Orange Chocolate Fudge, Orange Vanilla Cream, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Green Velvet, Tiramisu, Pink Champagne Cake, Rainbow


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